Key Issues

We are committed to the following initiatives.

 Job Creation

Excessive taxation and regulation are penalties on success that stifle job creation and economic growth. Government should promote a free market environment, not pick winners and losers with heavy-handed policies that favor one industry over another.

Low Taxation

Reduce regulations that keep us from upward mobility. We have more residents in the Staate of Florida than does the State of New York, yet their state budget is double what ours is. We need to lessen the burden on our citizens to keep the economic growth that we have experience over the past 8 years.


Seminole County has one of the best education systems in the State, but not every county is as fortunate.  That’s why we must give parents an array of choices, including vouchers and charter schools, so the parent can decide what’s best for their child. And we must keep the federal government out of our local classrooms.

Water Conservation

Our area’s springs and aquifers are not only beautiful but also essential to our economy. The Wekiva Springs area must be preserved for future generations with sensible policies that work.

Faith and Family

We must build a culture that respects life and honors values like traditional marriage. We must vigilantly protect the right of all citizens to practice their faith freely.

Second Amendment

Our constitutional freedoms are precious, and we must fight all attempts to erode them. Nothing should get in the way of your constitutional right to protect yourself and your family.

Criminal Justice Reform 

Conservative solutions for the criminal justice system not only reduce crime, reform offenders, but they also lower costs to taxpayers. It is important to ensure that government performs its public safety responsibilities effectively and efficiently, which means that punishment should fit the crime and less expensive alternatives to incarceration should be chosen for low-level, non-violent offenders.

Public Safety

The first responsibility of the government is to provide and orderly environment for it’s citizens. We must stand behind our brave men and women of law enforcement as they risk their lives everyday on our behalf. We can demand both better training and rules that protect the rights and safety of the accused while honoring the job our men and women in blue do for us every day. We must stand up to those radical voices demanding abolishment of defunding of our police agencies.