On the right track

Let’s keep the 20 year tradition of Republican led governance going which has resulted in fiscally responsible Florida, according to Standard & Poors, having a higher Bond Rating than the United States Federal Government itself (FL – AAA, USA – AA+).

Strengthening what we value most!

Scott’s Legislature record of Success Puts Florida’s Family First

” I have worked my whole life to uphold the values of Family, Faith and Freedom that our great country was founded on. With your support in this upcoming election, I look forward to leading the fight once again for the concerns and causes we share and for the critical issues that affect Central Florida families”

Scott is a longtime job creator who started his first business while still in college.

Representative Scott Plakon knows firsthand how taxes and regulation can stifle the entrepreneurial spirit and economic growth. In fact,  he has voted repeatedly to cut taxes and job killing red-tape.

Scott will continue to work hard as these measures help to strengthen our economy, our local business growth and serve you.

He is only able to do this with your support. Please vote to Re-Elect Scott Plakon.

Scott is the prime sponsor of Florida’s anti- stalking law.

He fights ferociously to protect women and children from verbal threats and harassment. He believes public safety is the foundation upon which all of our other rights and freedoms depend.

Scott is a pro-family leader and your servant in the State House.

In the most recent legislative session alone, he led the fight to:
  • Outlaw sanctuary cities
  • Advance the Trump Plan to rebuild our infrastructure
  • Increase per student funding to allow for safer and stronger schools
  • Rally support among lawmakers for more mental health resources
  • Save lives threatened by the opiod epidemic
  • Give parents more options when their kids are stuck in failing schools