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Scott Plakon

Representative Plakon serves as a member in the Florida House of Representatives. He was elected in November 2014 and proudly serves his constituents in House District 29. He previously served in the House from 2008-2012 as well.

Scott was born March 13, 1959, in Rochester, New York. He attended Stetson University from 1977-1981 and received his Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. He has started and sold many successful small businesses, the latest being Claim Pages, a national company based out of Central Florida. He stepped down as CEO when he sold the business at the end of 2017


He serves as a Board Member of the Christian Life Missions and is also a Board Member Emeritus of the Sanford Rescue Outreach Mission & Open Door Shelter for Women & Children.


Scott serves as Chairman of the Local, Federal & Veterans Affairs Subcommittee and serves on the Government Accountability Committee, Judiciary Committee, Justice Appropriations Subcommittee, Tourism & Gaming Control Subcommittee.


Scott recently lost his loving wife of 33 years, Susie, to the devastating disease of Alzheimer’s. Since the moment of her diagnosis, Scott became a strong champion of the fight to end Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementia in the Florida State House. He helped make Florida Hospital the 16thMemory Disorder Clinic in the state and has brought awareness of this disease to many lawmakers. The last four years has seen the phenomenal expansion of state resources dedicated to research and family care giving. Scott know his calling is to help the 540,000 people who live with this disease in Florida and the 1.2M unpaid caregivers.


Scott has six children and one granddaughter. He enjoys reading, SCUBA diving, travel, playing golf and spending time with family and friends.